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Why the Smart Arabic Keyboard?

For most users, their machines are installed with a special keyboard for their language without noticing to add Arabic for writing, this is what drives users to always seek ways to be able to write a text or conduct research on Google in Arabic. is a smart Arabic keyboard designed specially users of Morocco and Arab country, since most users do not have Arabic language installed by default on their system, the idea came to create this virtual interface to allow you to write Arabic using a standard keyboard for French or English and conduct research on the internet using for example Google, Yahoo or Bing and on well-known site like Youtube, Startimes, or Koora and Hespress.

This service is free; you can also use it to write text for translations made or in the drafting of article presentation if you are a student, for example. Several buttons are available that can be used for research with the text you wrote with the smart arabic keyboard. Others will be added later.

Others buttons below the smart arabic keyboard are available and which act as shortcuts to save you time. Also note that this version of the smart arabic keyboard is in beta and will be gradually improved to meet your need to write in Arabic. A detailed explanation on how to use the smart arabic keyboard can be found on the following page clavier visuel arabe (French version)

To orient you on how to use of this smart arabic keyboard, below is a table of the Arabic alphabet that explain how to use letters in words or phrases in Arabic:

Letter Name End Middle Start Phonetic
alif ـ ــ ـ
ba ـ ــ ـ b
ta ـ ــ ـ t
ṯa (tha) ـ ــ ـ θ
ǧim (jim) ـ ــ ـ ʤ , ʒ , ɡ
Ḥa ـ ــ ـ ħ
ẖa (kha) ـ ــ ـ x
dal ـ ــ ـ d
ḏal (dhal) ـ ــ ـ ð
ra ـ ــ ـ r
zay ـ ــ ـ z
sin ـ ــ ـ s
šin (shin) ـ ــ ـ ʃ
Ṣad ـ ــ ـ
Ḍad ـ ــ ﺿـ dˁ , ðˤ
Ṭa ـ ــ ـ
Ẓa ـ ــ ـ zˁ , ðˁ
ʿayn ـ ــ ـ ʔˤ
ġayn (ghayn) ـ ــ ـ ɣ
fa ـ ــ ـ f
qaf ـ ــ ـ q
kaf ـ ــ ـ k
lam ـ ــ ـ l
mim ـ ــ ـ m
nun ـ ــ ـ n
ha ـ ــ ـ h
waw ـ ــ ـ w , uː
ya ـ ــ ـ j, iː
ء hamza أ ؤ إ ئ ʔ